How to Prepare for a Local Move

Getting ready to move to a new home? Wondering how to prepare for a move?

Even if you’re not moving very far away from your current home, preparing for a move is incredibly stressful. Time will move fast, and it can be easy to forget essential things you need to manage for your move to go as smoothly as possible.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you a few tips for successfully planning and preparing for your move.


Prepare Your New Home When You Move

Make your new place feel like home from day one by checking these items off your list before you move.

Clean, paint, and insure your new home

It’s much easier to clean and paint before your home is full, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape before move-in day. Take the extra step to protect your personal belongings with renters insurance or homeowners insurance and take out a home warranty for your appliances.

Set up trash removal and recycling for your new home

Moving can be messy, so make sure you’ve contacted local trash and recycling removal companies for your new home (if needed). Someone has to cart away all those boxes!

Shop for your items for your new home

A new home means new furniture! Be sure that you have everything you need to live comfortably after you move. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your furniture, replace items that don’t fit your new space, and invest in a new mattress. Love your new home but can’t stand the floors? Choosing new hardwood, for example, is much easier to install before you move in. If you can, shop around and have it installed before move-in day.

Along with these larger purchases, you should also pick up any essentials for your new home (dish soap, paper towel etc.). You don’t want your first shower to be curtainless.


Tips To Plan, Prepare, And Pack For A Move

The following moving tips are meant to help you stay focused, organized and have a stress-free and seamless move to your new home!

  • Keep A Notebook Dedicated To The MoveUse a notebook for a moving journal to plan out and organize your move
  • Calculate Your Moving CostsAdd up your total estimated moving costs to make a budget for the move
  • Change Your Address Before You MoveDon’t forget to change your address with everyone important!
  • Get Free Packing & Moving SuppliesDon’t spend unnecessary money on moving supplies you can get for free.
  • How To Hire A Moving CompanyHiring movers will save you a ton of stress and labor if you have the money.



Moving company

Trustworthy movers offer a guarantee for a fast and professional local moving job.

For local moves, most reputable local movers offer services which you pay for by the hour. In reality, this may be a great option in your case – you can pack all or part of your household items on your own and then hire a moving company to help with the loading and transportation. Check out this useful moving distance calculator to get a better idea of how much your local move will cost you.

Also, your mover will offer adequate insurance against unpleasant incidents, short-term storage for your items (if you need any) and a guarantee for a fast and professional moving job. Don’t forget to request an in-house written estimate from the chosen moving company, be sure to understand fully the clauses of each document before you sign it, ask you mover about additional charges that may apply and voice any concerns you may have regarding the move.


Your checklist for moving into a new home

1 week before you move

You’re down to the last seven days. From collecting all your keys to packing a 24-hour moving kit, your goal is to have everything ready for moving day.

  1. Disassemble big furniture items.
  2. Begin cleaning empty rooms. Even if you’re not working toward getting a security deposit back, you can make the place more attractive to prospective buyers.
  3. Pack your suitcases. Get everyone in the family a suitcase they can live out of for a few days. Pack essential items like pajamas, clean socks, and swimsuits for the hotel pool.
  4. Collect all keys and garage door openers. You’ll need to hand these over to the real estate agent, new owner, or next tenants when you move out.
  5. Schedule a final walk-through of your new home. Make sure you know how to find things like the water heater, circuit breakers, and water shut-off valves.
  6. Pack a 24-hour moving kit with other essentials besides your clothes. It’s a great idea to include some healthy snacks, flashlights, and phone chargers.
  7. Take pictures or video of your empty home. You want to be able to prove your house was in good condition when you moved out.
  8. Get cash. Have enough money on hand to tip your movers and deal with unexpected needs or emergencies.
  9. Clean your new home before moving in. It’ll save time and the hassle of working around boxes and furniture.
  10. Identify unpacking priorities. It’s pretty tough to unpack everything in a single day, so we recommend planning out how to tackle the project in chunks.
  11. Finish packing before moving day. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try and do your packing on loading day. Make sure everything is ready before your movers or rental truck arrive.