Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney: Some Things to Know

The Top Search Results are Not Always the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers

Any of the links shaded in yellow or on the right column of the google results page are paid advertisements. That is not bad but it means that the result is there because someone bought the positioning on the page. Results in the main part of the page are the “organic results” returned because they are relevant to your search. As you click the results, what do you find? Is it a lot of “I will FIGHT for YOU” along with empty superlatives, or is it actual information that might help you understand your situation? Lawyers think about what goes into a website and the content there is probably an extension of their personality and attitude.

That’s Not a Even a Law Firm

When you search for a Criminal Defense Lawyer on Google, many of the top search results will look like law firms, but they are not. are not law firms at all but are referral services based many miles away. You contact them, they will charge you a fee and then contact a local attorney to handle your case. If they charge you $3000, the local attorney might get $1000 of that to handle the case. You just paid $2000 for that service to send an email. A website that does not list a local location and phone number is not a local law firm.

Maine has no Public Defender’s Office

Other States have a Publicly funded office with attorneys who represent defendants who can’t afford a lawyer. Maine does not have a such an office but instead has a court appointed attorney system. That means that certain attorneys have agreed to accept criminal cases which the court assigned to them. The state pays the attorney a very low hourly rate for handling the cases and the client has little or no obligation to reimburse the state for that fee.

Keep in mind that in the court court appointed system:

You don’t get to choose your Appointed Criminal Defense Lawyer.

The court is supposed to just appoint the next lawyer on the list. While many appointed attorneys do excellent work, some definitely do not.

Many court appointed attorneys do not specialize in criminal defense.

While some do, others use court appointed work as a way to supplement a practice which focuses on some other area. A person facing criminal charges should be very careful to make sure that their attorney, whether appointed or retained, specializes in criminal defense.

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer is Not Any One Person

defendants a lucky to have plenty of Lawyers to choose from. The best lawyer for you will have the experience and expertise you need but, just as important, they are someone that you like and that you can talk to and get along with. That defense lawyer is probably one that the DAs and judges respect and that a Jury can understand, and agree with. A lot of criminal defense attorneys fall back on aggressive language and pompous bluster. The reality is that the most effective lawyers don’t really talk like that. Effective advocacy is not about bullying people or bragging about yourself. The tougher job, and the more important job, does not have anything to do with arrogance or ego. Instead, it involves understanding and interpreting complicated issues in a way that benefits your defense, and knowing how to persuasively communicate that perspective.


Experience You Can Trust

Proudly Representing Adults & Minor Students

Everyone makes mistakes, usually harmless ones, but if a mistake leads to a criminal charge, your entire future could be jeopardized. You face immediate threats as well, as your rights, interests, and freedoms are at risk. You are face-to-face with an overwhelming justice system

Remember that you have the right to fight any allegations against you, and you have the right to do so with a competent attorney. You should get the chance to fulfill your aspirations without a momentary mistake lingering over your head for years to come.

No case is too complicated or too simple for firm. Even misdemeanor offenses need to be taken seriously. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you need to take immediate legal action. Otherwise, your future educational pursuits, career options, and other opportunities could be permanently threatened.

criminal defense attorney can combat charges such as:


Criminal trespass

Domestic violence


Drug crimes

Malicious mischief

Minor in possession

Negligent driving

Reckless driving

Theft crimes

here to guide you through every stage of your case so that you can make empowered decisions, transforming your life. Whether you prefer to speak with skilled legal team directly over the phone, in person, or via email, are here to listen to your story at any time. It’s risk-free to find out if can help you, and if we take your case, there will be no surprise costs since charge a flat fee.


Meet Attorney

Why did you become a lawyer?

I quickly realized that law would be the path for me.  Not only did I love the tv show, “Law and Order” but I loved competition, strategy and debating things, whether it was with my parents, teachers or coaches.

Where did you go to school?

I graduated with honors from the University with two college degrees, Criminology, and Psychology.  I then graduated from the University Of Law School because I wanted to come back home and be trained by the best of the best, including famous criminal defense lawyer

What was your experience like as a prosecutor?

After graduation, I started as a prosecutor in County.  I got tons of trial experience ranging from DUI’s to Drug Cases to Thefts and serious felonies.  Out of the 33 prosecutors in my class, I was the first one promoted.

Why did you start Law Firm?

I left the prosecutor’s office because I wanted to help people in a deeper, more meaningful way.  I also wanted to run my own business. I grew up watching my parents own and run a dental practice, and I wanted to own my own Law Firm where I can make a difference in the lives of my clients, employees, and community.

What sets you apart from all the other attorneys out there?

But the things I’m most proud of are the tons of reviews and testimonials that my clients have written about me and the firm.  You can watch our video testimonials or read the written ones on the testimonials page.


Lawyer Types You’re Most Likely to Need

Suppose you want to sue a contractor for breaching a contract, or you want to sue a competitor for stealing your employees. What kind of lawyer do you need? Should you just whip out the Yelp app and search for the nearest five-star-rated lawyer? If you’ve tried that, you may have been told by the highly rated lawyer that he or she doesn’t handle the particular legal problem you’re experiencing. There are many types of lawyers, and knowing which kind of lawyer you need is the first step towards hiring the right one. The attorney who did such an excellent job drafting your will may not be the best lawyer to challenge your non-compete agreement. Personally, I get many calls from prospective clients who want me to appeal their criminal conviction, or fight for custody of their kids, or get them out of a traffic ticket, and I don’t do any of those things. And lawyers who do handle such matters typically don’t practice in the sorts of business disputes and defamation matters that my firm typically handles.

Civil Litigation Lawyer (a.k.a. Trial Attorney)

You’ve been sued. A process server showed up on your doorstep and served you with papers requiring you to appear in court to defend yourself in a matter brought by another business or an individual. (Note: if the suit papers indicate that it’s the “Commonwealth” or the “State” that initiated the proceedings, the matter is most likely criminal in nature and requires a different type of attorney). Or someone harmed you in some way and you want to sue them. Perhaps your small business provided services to a vendor on a government contract and never got paid, in violation of the subcontract. Or your ex-employee has started a competing business in violation of his noncompete obligations to your firm. Basically, when two or more private parties have a dispute and desire to have it resolved in court, you need a lawyer who specializes in civil litigation.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Courtroom proceedings are considered criminal in nature (as opposed to civil) when the state (through prosecuting attorneys) charges you with the commission of a crime. If you’ve been arrested, read your Miranda rights, and taken into custody by the police, you need a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal defense lawyer will work to ensure you are deemed “innocent until proven guilty” and will argue for a “not guilty” verdict, typically by trying to poke holes in (and cast doubt on) the prosecution’s theory of the case. Want to stay out of jail? Hire a good criminal defense attorney.

Defamation Lawyer (a.k.a. Libel and Slander Attorney)

Defamation lawyers are a subset of civil litigation lawyers. You want a defamation attorney if you need to take someone to court for defaming your character through libel and/or slander, or if you’ve been accused of causing harm to the reputation of another individual or business by making false and defamatory statements of your own. Defamation law is complex and it is often helpful to retain a lawyer with particular expertise in this area if you find yourself on either end of a defamation-related dispute.

Business Lawyer (litigation or transactional)

Many business owners assume they need a “business lawyer,” whatever the nature of the legal problem they’re experiencing. In fact, “business law” is too broad a category to be meaningful. Business lawyers generally fall into two mutually exclusive categories: litigation and transactional. Business litigation (often referred to as commercial litigation) is a major subset of civil litigation (see above). Businesses sue each other all the time, for any number of reasons. If your business is being sued for allegedly breaching a contract with another business, you will have more luck securing representation if you narrow your search to one seeking a business litigation attorney rather than a “business lawyer.” On the other side of the coin, a “transactional” business lawyer is the lawyer you need to help your business form, grow, and thrive. The transactional lawyer will incorporate your startup, help secure funding, draft your employment and non-disclosure agreements, issue stock, spin off subsidiaries, and countless other tasks associated with operating your business. Unlike the business litigation attorney, the transactional lawyer does not go to court.


Best Lawyer Websites You Need To See

If there is one industry where clarity matters most, it might just be the legal field. Perhaps no one understands the importance of nuance in words and phrasing like lawyers and attorneys. While lawyers can’t get interpretive with legal contracts, however, there is a lot of room for creativity on their websites.

Like all other industries, lawyer websites come in all shapes and sizes and are most successful when they creatively highlight a firm’s unique branding while still providing users with the information they’re looking for. Mobile design is also an absolute must.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

When it comes to the best lawyer websites, the West Coast Trial Lawyers firm’s homepage is a fantastic example of a lot of different things done well. They have easy-to-see navigation in the top right hand corner just underneath a prominent phone number that’s placed next to a “free consultations/ no fees until we win” message. This displays confidence in their abilities, but it also gives viewers a reason to call by reminding them there’s no risk and no cost.

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

The entire website of this criminal defense law firm is bold, confident, and just a touch intimidating—exactly what you’d want your criminal defense attorney to be. Everything about it is simplistic, from the monochromatic color scheme to the copy.

YLaw Group

YLaw Group offers diverse family law services, including divorce and custody services. These are all very serious concerns, especially to those in them, but their site is fun and can help break the ice. If nothing else, it immediately sets them apart.